Adaptation course

As many of you already know, we managed to arrange a transfer to the Art School here in Liberec. The day right after that, we went to an adaptation course. I must say that even though the cottage was not fully barrier-free, we all managed it very well.

Our principal made a ramp from wood, and everyone was open to helping. The only downside was that they were all upstairs, but we will figure it out next time :-). As for the food, it was great by me, including soups of which I am not the biggest fan.

For the different activities, we were divided into groups, and it worked well for me, whether it was a theatre or other activities. I would say the most fun thing for me, at least, was when we were rehearsing theatre. My classmate, who played the role of a cleaning lady, grabbed on to my wheelchair and said, “well, well, today’s kids can’t even walk anymore”: -DD. Well, to someone this may sound cruel, but I thought It was funny especially since she said it by mistake :-D.

It was also funny when they gave us free time after a tour in Loreta (in Rumburk). Well, we all ended up at the patisserie, and then the girls and I decided to look for a pizzeria. After a few minutes of searching for the entrance, the girls took me back to the patisserie, because it was supposed to be somewhere there. And since they didn’t have a ramp and there was on the stair, the girls had to pull me up. And then, some guy and a lady showed up and guess what happened. Of course, even though they saw that we were struggling, the lady had to overtake us, and the guy went right behind her. He couldn’t help us, right? I love just people like that.

When the lady from the patisserie brought us up by the elevator, they told her that to get to the pizzeria, we had to use the outdoor elevator. So she brought us down again and led us to the elevator. There, we found out that they only made whole pizzas and we didn’t have time. So we thought we’d buy fries from the kebab place. There we ordered and waited a few minutes, and then found out, we had to the bus. So, we went – two of us and third would catch up with the fries. But, we got a little lost :-D. Thank god, I had our teacher’s number, so I called her. She came for us and then we ran to catch the bus. They might have almost tipped me over like three times, thank god I have the strap for my legs, but we made it in the end. But, if I had freewheel attached, they probably wouldn’t have.

But seriously. Who invented the front freewheel? So I had it with me, but it was in it was left in the room, as we didn’t manage to attach it correctly.

I left a day early since I had an appointment with my ophthalmologist the next morning.

On Saturday we were at the Pakař’s concert in Nový Bor. And I must say that the boys and Barča surprised me a lot. Not only did Péťa not forget about me, but it was also clear that the boys were happy to see me :-). They came on their own, talked with me before and after the concert, and I have to say I am starting to like more and more.

The concert was, as always, excellent, the entire thing, but Kryštof just makes it even better:D Of course, you’re all amazing you guys. The show you do and I can see that you enjoy what you are doing and I hope it lasts. It was nice that Tof asked if we were back the entire time as there was sand, so I couldn’t go entirely to the front, as we always, he tried to look, but they couldn’t see me.

Thanks, Barča, for helping me, I really appreciate it. I believe that we’ll manage it together. If you’d need anything, just let me know.

Finally, I have your t-shirt, you are the first band to have standard sizes. And not S and M, an average person can’t do it. But we wanted a sweatshirt, so I hope that soon you’ll have them.

That doll is awesome

Hope to see you next weekend

I would be thrilled if you take a look at some of my previous posts, or “how to help” and helped me to raise money for the hand bike and the surcharge. You can also help by sharing this post or by contributing financially.

We are really close to the electric wheelchair. (raised: 186.339,- from 203.160, -, in CZK) I believe that we will succeed together and it would really help me.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been such luck with raising for the hand bike, so far we have raised 2000 CZK. But if there was something extra raised for the electric wheelchair, it would go towards the hand bike. A money box to support the acquisition of a handbike will also be on the occasion of Zábědovské výběh (I give the link below).

I really want to thank everyone who has shared this. But a huge thank you goes to Kubova_english for sharing it on his Instagram. If it were not for you and your good community, I would not be as close as I am now to the hand bike. As you said yourself, a contribution even as little as what you’d pay for a coffee helps. You deserve a HUGE THANKS.

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