Although it may sound a bit odd, even this sport has also been adapted for wheelchair users.

I’ve to the first training session, and I must say that finally there is a sport for quadriplegics and not just paraplegics (= paralysis of only the legs). We play it on modified sports wheelchairs, with various attachments and also with gloves with wax (so we can hold the ball better).

I’ll probably start with some rules, at least the ones I remember. We were divided from 1 to 4, and according to that the game is played, 4 are usually helpers, they most often throw or block. It is also essential to be careful when entering the field. After throwing we must not enter at an angle greater than 65 degrees (who is supposed to keep checking it?). During the whole game, we can take 4x timeout (at least I think 4x). When we have the ball, we have to either throw it to someone or dribble it every 10 seconds (I should have a timer in my head I guess: -O) Then we have a specific limit of several seconds until we have to reach to the gate, but I don’t remember much it was now

Well, back to the training session, when we were trying to play, or, I was trying, after about half an hour I started to have spasms and so I had to get out of the wheelchair, so they put me down. Everyone who thought they had spasms reconsidered it:D. Fortunately enough, after a while, and I could be put back into the wheelchair again. However, it did repeat once more, but at the end and I went just to my civilian one (well, you know, we gotta have some fun). Well, hopefully, I’ll get used to it, and it won’t be like that every time, but I’ll find out later.

Another plus that is that after the rugby session, I probably finally know why my wheelchair is working poorly. There was a smart guy who knows his way around it, and the servicemen don’t like him. Still, it doesn’t matter, I have to have it adjusted because there are certain deviations, so we’ll see what the service guy says.

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