Life does not end in a wheelchair

What surprises people about me?

Many people think that it is impossible to live a “normal” life in a wheelchair. And I thought so for a long time… Well, now I see it differently.

I ride a bike

I ride an electric handbike adapted for quadriplegics. Handbike is a hand bike for wheelchair users.

I drive a car

I can drive a car when I am medically stable and it must be specially modified.

I like to travel

Despite my handicap, I can't stay at home. Traveling is more complicated and demanding, but it really fulfills me.

I'm in a wheelchair only now

At least my doctors are surprised...

It's difficult...

Living with so many diseases is not only emotionally but also financially demanding. If you can’t support me with crowns at the moment, I also appreciate support in the form of sharing my blog.

Thank you for helping me live at least a little the way healthy people live.


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